Random Thoughts

Sometimes I have these random thoughts. Somtimes I wrtite those thoughts down. There got to be so many, that I started to sort them by date. The writings started in mid-2003, but some mysterious process deleted most everything before mid-to end of 2005. I'm guessing that I was that mysterious process (Yes, ladies, here's your mysterious stranger - sucks for you that I'm happily married with a brood of kids, though, huh?)

Anyhoo, below are links to my ramblings, as well as any short stories I decide to write. Read at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for your subsequent brain damage, deviant behavior, coke on your keyboard, or any other thing for which you might think you could use a lawyer. Oh, yeah... I'm pretty broke, so getting a lawyer wouldn't do you much good. Maybe you should sneak into my house in the dark of night and try to stab me in my sleep, instead. Go ahead. Try it. *evil grin*

Proof that gummy bears are evil
Space Mining, Inc. (My first short story)

Random Thoughts
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