Yeah, I'm a geek...  I play this game, and not just on a computer.  Some friends and I sit down around a table every couple of weeks & play for a few hours, rolling dice, drinking beer, and generally being a couple of dorks.

I used tolay quite often when I was in the Air Force, but took a hiatus for several years.  Because of the previous military playing, I have a filing cabinet full of 1st & 2nd ed stuff, but now everybody wants to play 3.5 ed, so I bought the DMG, PH, & MM...  Ahh..  All the acronyms - if  you don't know what I'm talking about, why are you here?

Anyhoo, two of us are GM's, & we switch off doing the job.  When I run the game, he plays my character, & vice versa.  Besides the two of us, we currently have 3 other players.  We've had a bunch come in & out of the group, but between people moving, getting caught up in life, etc...  Well, you know...

So, I decided to start writing up our campaings...  The rest of this page is devoted to links to those campiagn write-ups.

Alpha Campaign
Bravo Campaign
Charlie Campaign
Delta Campaign
Echo Campaign
Foxtrot Campaign
Golf Campaign
Hotel Campaign
India Campaign
Joker Campaign